Do you see a spike in EBay/CL drum ads this time of year?

Mike Stand

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Can't comment on either EBay or CL, but I've noticed a recent spike in postings on a musician's website in France. That seems to corroborate your observation about the Xmas period.

Great if you're looking to buy gear, not good if you're trying to sell, as I am at the moment.


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haven't really been on either looking, usually there is a post christmas spike from guys selling off old gear that is replaced by new stuff they got for Christmas. Will say by February you will probably see a big spike from people who bought their kids drum sets and such for christmas to find out they really aren't that interested.


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I've always wanted to find some data on this.

I'd think this time of year would be busy as people are selling of item replaced by Christmas presents, and also with NAMM coming up and new gear coming out, people who might be looking to to move on to the newest thing.


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I have had two complete shell packs with matching snares, and two snare drums on CL for over four months now without any serious offers. All of my gear is market priced and in excellent condition.
The only contact that I get is from scammers.
I have just put two ads on to see if it does any better. That was only a few days ago and so far no contacts or sales.
In answer to your question; Yes the gear listings seem to be growing from my observations.
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Not in my poor neck of the woods. Ninety percent of what moves around here for drums is stencil kits.