Do you know your disco? What song is this?


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Re: Do you know your R&B/disco? What song is this?

Could it be "Turn the Beat Around" by Vicki Sue Robinson?

There are a couple of drum breaks in it that sound like what you transcribed.
No it's not quite that upbeat. This song had a really smooth, steady feel to it. I wish I could remember more of it than I do :(


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Brian, I've been doing that. It's so much more difficult not knowing who's who in R&B. The song must have been a pretty big hit or I never would have heard it.

I remember the drum part so well because I shared it with a high school friend of mine who was in another school's drumline, and they soon after turned it into a fantastic routine.


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Try contacting that friend, or search for that drumline's members and ask them!


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It's close to Donna Summer's Bad Girls-has anyone guessed that? I could see a marching band taking off on that back in the day. It also reminds me of a Michael Jackson song for some reason.


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Try contacting that friend, or search for that drumline's members and ask them!
Lol, it was 1983.

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It reminds me of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." Not the intro, the verse and/or maybe chorus.

It's close.

But I'm sure you'd know that song! Huge hit in 1987.

Hope this helps, but it probably won't!


i wanna feel the HEAT … with somebuh-DEEee!

Edit: I just noticed, this came out much too late. But it's still a great excuse to watch Whitney at her most fun, cutest, and poppiest, in a really well-done video.
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