Do you keep adjusting your kit?


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One of my sets never gets adjusted. I may swap a cymbal out for another but not move anything.

My other set is sometimes "adjusted" due to a student so the need to readjust things is only after a lesson. Other than that, I just don't have the need.

Anthony Amodeo

Now, slightly off topic here, but not that long ago, I read an interview of Derek Roddy were he talks about setting up his kit, he use a blind fold system to ensure that everything is put where it's the most natural place for playing. You close your eyes and you reach and hit the elements of your kit, you do this for a little while, not just for 5 minutes, over a few days for example. I found this method to be working and very efficient.
Dave Weckl spoke for about two hours on this exact subject while I was studying with him

he called it the blind ergonomics test

you allow your body to set the drums where it wants them and not your eyes


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I am always. Love a tom to the L side of my hats but it looks so out of place so I take it away now and then. Just set my kick up way off to the right and played it with the slave pedal on my double pedal. SO wierd but gets my 13" tom down now that the 26" kick is out of the way. Put it back today...

Yes I am always changing.

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I keep things the same for the most part. Recently I've lowered everything and made the setup flatter. This helped ergonomically for me and allowed the kit to be easily played by anybody who came by to visit. Sometimes people will play my kit when I'm away and I can tell if anything is amiss. I need things just so. The same every time. Boring. Haha. But I can play all night for hours.


I've been always trying to lower my kit, because im tall and sometimes have trouble with my elbows hitting upperlegs and limiting my arm movement. Sitting low has always limited my basspedal speed but now after 5 years my knees are finally sitting higher then my upperlegs making some space for my elbows.
This is related to my high tom aswell. I was always changing the angle on it relative to the way I was sitting into the kit. I like the flat high tom but if your torse is to far away you need to lean into it to reach it and thats just terrible on your back.
Now with my lowered position im able to really sit into the kit and have my snare between my legs making it easy to reach the flat high tom.
So yes my setup is always adjusting with a very set goal in mind and I know this goes against letting your body decide the position, but if I do that with my length im adjusting every kit I sit behind for 15min.


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I have been playing over 30 years, in the beginning i tried a lot of variations but after a while it settled in.

I play anywhere between a 4 piece to a 6 piece, regardless i set up the same way. I can play any of them with my eyes closed, this to me is important. I can focus on being in the moment and playing and not be actively thinking about where things are.
I've been playing drums most of my life, professionally since age 15 (I'm 58). It always seemed like my set up morphed based on what gear I currently felt like using and the requirements of the music. Well, much to my surprise I was shown a pic of my kit taken from above in 1973, same basic set up I used last night! 1 up 2 down, ride, 2 crashes, hats, all looking exactly like I set them up now!! The drums themselves were different (chrome-o-wood Slingerland Buddy Rich) but I guess things havn't really changed that much for me. I do use different sizes, makes, and a wide selection of snares and Zildjians, but I was really surprised to see my basic configuration hasn't really changed that much.
(I did rock a 3 up 2 down plus Simmons back in the 80's along with a few different colors of hair.......)


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The only change I make is the tom angles. After 30 years, I'm still not sure how I like them. Sometimes, i have them almost flat, other times, I'll angle them steep towrads me. I fell into a " I want my set to look cool from the audience" mindset, big mistake, I know. I am still trying to find a spot for my roto-toms. I bought them a year ago, and am unsure where to put them on my Pearl Icon rack. I have no real estate left...


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It seems I'm constantly "tweaking" my kit.....................especially the smaller stuff...........cowbells, blocks, etc


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Once my kit's set up the way I like it, I never wanna move it. If I need to change a head or move something, I'll mark where it goes and make as few adjustments as possible. That's just me. But seriously, don't move my kit...