Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

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I used to hold on to everything. Then in 2016 I decided that I should gift all my extra stuff away after seeing a Jamacain drummer
(in Jamaica) struggling with equipment. After I got home, I actually shipped him a bunch of stuff, a rolling hardware bag, a Roc & Soc throne, an 18" K Custom dark, a Pearl snare drum, a DW footpedal, sticks, keys and other stuff. That felt great and the drummer dude was pretty happy too.

I still have 4 kits, all sentimental, but I'm done giving away/wanting more.

I'd rather want what I have, than have what I want
that was a great thing to do !

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I did for a while. Then one day I had an epiphany looking at my studio that I REALLY needed to clean house.
90% of my extra drums, hardware & specific accessories went to those in much more need than I.
Now I have only what I play & use to fix other drums. Everything else is gone & I couldn't be happier.


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I have two drumsets. Even though I don't often use the second one, it's there if my #1 kit is parked someplace like a theater or studio long-term. I have three snares, two of which get heavy use and the third of which I keep for specific sounds and situations. Out of fifteen or twenty cymbals I have maybe three cymbals that I don't use often but which I hang onto for their specific sounds. I hang onto every single bit of hardware I've ever owned until it disintegrates and I constantly tinker with bits and bobs to improve the kit.


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I am very mercenary when it comes to gear . If something is not in gig rotation then off it goes . Just before the pandemic started I had a big purge of drum gear . I went from 7 kits down to 3 . Over 25 snares down to 8 , over 30 cymbals down to about 15 . I also decided that I am just sticking to 20” bass drums . My two main kits are both 20/10/12/14 but different woods ( maple and Beech ) , the third kit is a travel kit with short stack 12 and 14” toms . These drums get regular play and each is for a specific purpose .

so in answer to the original question ? If it is not in rotation it goes , plain and simple . I have one drum that has some sentimental value . The rest is just gear . It works for me then fine . If not ? Off it goes .


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I used to. At the beginning of this year I owned 29 cymbals and six drum kits. I’ve recently sold ten cymbals and one kit, with another kit leaving soon. I haven’t missed any of them. I’m glad they’re being used by someone.

By the end of the year I’ll be down to three kits and three sets of cymbals - modern, classic and jazz. All of them will be used regularly.


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I tend to keep a fair amount of gear. Currently, 10 kits and around 30 cymbals. But there's always an ebb and flow.
(Example) When I bought my Slingerland kit, I sold my Yamaha 9000's to offset the purchase.


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Nope - I have one of everything I need and nothing I don't. Anything not getting used gets sold.


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I have a 13x3.5 brass piccolo snare that I haven't used in at least 5 yrs that I pulled out on Tuesday. The only reason I grabbed it was I didn't have a snare stand and I planned to use a restaurant chair to set it on and my other snares have bottom hoops that aren't flat - Tama and Pearl. I ended up setting the snare on top of the 14in floor tom LOL.

It was a short notice acoustic gig and I still have most of my drum hardware in the bottom of a large pile of storage stuff.

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I have extras. The stuff I like, I don't want to sell. The stuff I don't like, I can't bring myself to sell to sell to someone else.
I'd love to give a bunch of it away but don't know anyone to give it to.


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I bought it for a reason. Just because I'm not using it now doesn't mean I won't ever.
Spare parts always come in handy.
Look at what spare parts cost (if you can get them) these days.


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I have extras. The stuff I like, I don't want to sell. The stuff I don't like, I can't bring myself to sell to sell to someone else.
I'd love to give a bunch of it away but don't know anyone to give it to.
I contacted a local school, tracked down the music teacher, and asked which one of her students is most deserving of a full set of drums.

Either by way of not having funds, to showing great promise as a drummer, her choice. They ended up going to an 8th grade girl, a nice 6 piece set of blue fade Pearl Session Customs that I gigged with for like 5 years, complete with everything needed to play. Felt great.

As long as schools have a music program, there's always a place to donate drums. I give my extra heads to them too. Once it was a stack of heads about 5 feet tall lol. The music teacher was taken aback in a good way.
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I have waaaaay too much stuff.

(This applies to more than drum gear, sadly.)

I do hope to move one kit, once I clean it up. That will leave me with one kit that doesn't get used, that I can keep as a spare. Two kits that get gigged, and my ekit that I practice with.

I do have a pile of miscellaneous stands that ought to get pared down. I have a used gear dealer friend that will probably take some of that stuff off my hands, in trade for...more stuff :) hopefully one piece that might actually get more use. Perhaps a different cymbal.


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I keep hold of most things, as I tell myself I'll need it one day as a voice. Truth is I have used a lot of my gear (drums, snares & cymbals) as it's been nice to have choices for any situation.

Out of all the things I own I haven't used in years is a couple of items. An Istanbul Agop flat ride (with rivets) which I bought specifically for an album I was recording and then subsequently used on the sessions back in 2012. Not used since though.

And a vintage 1961 Premier Kit which was kindly gifted to me back in 2010 which desperately needs restoring, which I will get professionally done one day.

EDIT: And my first kit, my Pearl Export. The first set of drums I ever had. I'll never sell that kit for sentiment reasons and plan on setting it up for my daughter, if she continues to show an interest in the drums, when she's much older as her first kit.

She better bloody take care of it though!!

Everything else is often used when playing with bands.
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Rarely, I have too little space in my house, and a family that needs that space.... I would love to have a couple of kits, one nicer (which I have) and one cheaper for the quick, no bother, throw around gig (or if I have to share the kit). Same with cymbals, cheaper mid-level cymbals for practice, high-end for studio or the nicer gigs... So yeah, I try my best to sell whatever I don't use, but unfortunately my mind always would like to have a lot of options available.


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I sell what I don’t need or want. It’s been ingrained into me since I was 7, when my parents divorced and I began living out of a pillow sack. By the time I left for college, I’d moved a total of 83 times (more if I include the garage I lived in one summer). Between my father’s client files (23+ banker boxes loaded with ancient brokerage statements) and my mother’s books (she had so many books she opened a book store) I decided I’d never carry sh*t I don’t need in my life.