Do you ever stand back from your drums...


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Absolutely. and they all have special places in the house. They never sleep in the garage, and they are never left out in the cold.

ron s

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I always stand back and look at my kit after setting up for a gig, or even setting up at my house.
if you look back and love what you see, you are a lucky individual for sure.



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I sometimes just sit and stare at all my toys and I feel so contented that I have everything my little heart desires. Oh heck yeah, I know the feeling. I mean I wonder if bass players stare at their rig like I stare at my kits? Does a keybpoard player stare at his keys? Real acoustic drums are gorgeous looking to me.
Larry, yes, I do lovingly stare at my bass rig (two basses hanging on the wall with my amp underneath) as well as my guitar rig (similar to the bass area of my music room). My keyboard setup or the sound/recording stuff not so much. To me they are cold electronic things unlike the woodwork like drums and guitars.

Having said that, drums are much more special to me than any other instrument. If I can't play them for some reason like it's not a good time to make noise in the house, I just look at them with pride.


Hollywood Jim

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Great posts here.

Someday I hope to have a great set of drums. (time is running out)

I guess this thread kind of answers the question from another thread "Do we need expensive drums".
Looks like we need drums that we love to look at and that we love to play, even if they are expensive.



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Me too. You guys are lucky to have a beautiful kit. Mine is all scratched up and road worn.
For me personally, it is never about how beautiful my drums look. I love to stare at the whole set up: the drums the cymbals, the hardware, the whole vibe. If I had scratched up drums, patina-laden cymbals, etc. I would still look at them the same way with pride. They still help you create sounds ranging from delicate to thunderous no matter what they look like.


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All the time. My drums sit downstairs in a family room. across the hall from the bathroom. I alway use the bathroom down there, with an open door, staring out at them , lol


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And think to yourself 'Man, I sure am lucky to have such a nice instrument to own & play.'
This happened to me today while tuning and cleaning my kit. Just kinda stood back, stared, and then realized I had a goofy grin on my face.
All the time... Often in the morning when have to go to work, just stick my head in the studio thinking... Can't wait to get home a play these puppies... Or at around midnight, look at the drums and cymbals, thinking, is it too late to start practicing now (and wake everyone up)?

Had a stupid grin on my face just from reading your OP...

There is a vague possibility that I might be addicted....

Jeremy Bender

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They don't have to be expensive. It's more a pride of ownership feeling and being happy with the right musical choice more than anything else. Here's a quick story:
My Son's friend is 17 years old and got a new Ludwig Black Magic snare for Christmas, the look of happiness beaming from his face after he told me about the drum completely sold me that he has the drum of his dreams..
It's a connection between a drummer and his drum that once happens, it's a sheer joy to experience.


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I always cast a glance or sometimes just lay back on a sofa looking at them. Usually
a thumb has to strike the edge of a cymbal when walking past.

criz p. critter

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I do it every morning. My white Ludwigs are set up right outside my bathroom, so after I shower and am flossing my teeth, I'll stand in front of the kit and admire it. Gives me something to do while engaged in what is normally a pretty boring waste of time.

John P.... I thought I was over my first love: Rogers... Keep posting pics of those kits of yours and you're going to make me want to go back to my old flame!