Do you ever stand back from your drums...

Jeremy Bender

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And think to yourself 'Man, I sure am lucky to have such a nice instrument to own & play.'
This happened to me today while tuning and cleaning my kit. Just kinda stood back, stared, and then realized I had a goofy grin on my face.
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"Uncle Larry"
I sometimes just sit and stare at all my toys and I feel so contented that I have everything my little heart desires. Oh heck yeah, I know the feeling. I mean I wonder if bass players stare at their rig like I stare at my kits? Does a keybpoard player stare at his keys? Real acoustic drums are gorgeous looking to me.

Red Menace

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My red kit is set up in the back room of my house, I walk by it on my way to the bathroom frequently or if I'm letting the dogs out.

Sometimes I'll just stop and gaze at my kit and smile. Quite a bit of customization has gone into those drums and I am just ever so proud of them.


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I do it as well. In fact I like my drums so much I had a photo put on my Debit card so I can show them off.


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Good to know I'm not alone in this...

I keep one of my kits set up in our basement. I almost always give a loving swipe to one of my cymbals whenever I walk by the kit. I feel very blessed too to have such lovely drums.


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Mine aren't always set up, so it's all the more alluring when they are.

I sometimes ogle guitars as well. Oh yeah, motorcycle too. Come to think of it, I'm surrounded by beauty.

A drum set though can often be somewhat unique to the player after experimentation, evolution, and tweaking. It's personal.


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All the time, bro. I'm kinda doing it right now as I have a kit set up in my living room right in front of me. Damn, that's a nice kit.


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Oh yes. All three of mine are permanently set up, although two of them are bunched together owing to constraints of space, but every single time I see them my heart gives a little smile, and there's something about Mabel even though she isn't anything that anybody else would consider special.


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Lots of times before I close the door on my way out of the drum room, I'll stop and look at them for a couple of seconds. Then I think man I'm blessed.


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I'm looking at the positioning of the toms, snare, floor tom and HH, and I'm thinking "This is not a right handed kit or a left handed kit or even a symmetrical kit". Therefore, I conclude that this is a no handed kit because no one will put their hands on it.