Do you ever get the are you still playing drums question?

C. Dave Run

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The question my wife gets: "Is your husband still playing drums in a band?"

The real question: "Is your husband ever going to grow up and take on a respectable hobby or will he be forever be re-living rock star dreams of his junior high school days?"

My wife works in a grocery store. With some high school kids. In a small podunk town.

One day one of the kids came up to her and asked if she knew me because his dad used to go watch my band when he was a kid. Apparently I had signed something that this guy still has, and the kid put 2 and 2 together because of conversations with my wife.

And he wanted to know if I still play drums lol.
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same thing happened to me, but not till I was 43. I can't believe she stuck around when she found out I was not John Q. American Dream....

yeah...being a working class, middle aged, band director type who still wears camo pants and metal t shirts helped keep that demographic far away from me!! It is like gold digging cougar repelent!!

my wife did go through some pretty brutal abuse in her past relationship, but we are working that out, and I don't mind doing that. We don't have to deal with the ex b/c he knows he will get eliminated if he crosses the boundary, and he is in so much trouble with so many people "financially" that he is out of the state now to protect his life

Like you, I am "fashion challenged." I've always been that way. When I leave our property my wife literally inspects what I'm wearing so that I don't "embarrass" her if any of her friends see me.

What hooked my wife was the Army uniform. That's what I was wearing when we first met. 😎

Kudos to you Sir for taking care of your wife and placing great fear in the heart of an abusive ex.