Do You Drum While Not Drumming?


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You're not the only one for sure. I got a finger rudiment exercise that helps me with dexterity. That transfers to how my fingers control the sticks. Very useful AND I can do it all while just sitting at my desk. :)
Care to expound on this technique?

You know, in case I need to annoy the missus som-....err, I mean practice rudiments without sticks


A loooong time ago in high school my teachers would yell at me without even turning around from writing on the black board. Every time my brain goes idle I start tapping on things.


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i find myself doing paradiddles on counters and tables and stuff when im out and about.. then i remember i'm probably annoying people around me and stop... i kinda zone out and will just keep doing them


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My co-workers often hate me.

Esp. odd time songs where I know the time signature.

I love Joe Satriani's "Flavor Crystal #7" and count the beat out loud almost every time I crank it.

I also count out loud when the drums stop in a song or a big form change is coming to emphasize it in my head.


My best friend in high school still jokes 25 years later about me using her thigh as a ride and her shoulder as a crash while we were driving somewhere.


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Ouch that sounds painful. I drum with my teeth, unfortunately. I try to stop myself whenever I notice Im doing it.


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I have been reading a History of Rudimental Snare Drumming;

"Ed used to be a blacksmith and a tool merchant. He built Ken a curved footboard on his bed that flipped over to practice on. You could adjust it to the proper height. He used to teach ten-year-old Kenny on it. Ed didn’t trust his memory so he had Kenny learn the part before he went to bed. It was not too well received. They would never accept something that syncopated back then."

It's like drummer's version Freddie Mercury's piano!

(that article is a very interesting read into the history of rudimental drumming)


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Small practice pad and sticks on the kitchen counter. Fine, when you've got something in the microwave. Stuff can burn when it's on the stove. Grab the smarty phone out of your pocket and turn on the metronome app sometimes.

Pain in the butt cleaning food off of your practice pad sometimes.

The sticks with the rubber tips are no longer allowed in the car after I started to have electrical problems where I was hitting things. Yeah, I didn't believe it either but they stopped when I stopped.


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All the time, particularly when there's music going on. I've done it since I was a kid, long before I even thought about actually playing drums. When I got my first kit, I already knew how to count, how to play some basic stuff and had a good sense of timing.

I don't know of any other instrument that you can practice practically anywhere, at any time, without any instrument at all, and very quietly.


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First Post alert:

Active member in other forums, but just realized my account was activated after signing up a year ago.

I'm usually always keeping a beat of some sort with my toes/feet inside my shoes. Tapping on things randomly. Fun times.