Do these sizes seem strange?


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Having two 8" toms with different depths seems a bit strange.

Looks like the 13 and 14 are both floor toms with legs.
Having floor toms an inch less depth than their diameter is fairly normal now,
but having both 13 and 14's as floor toms, not so much.

The 10 x 8 and 20 x 16 are pretty standard sizes.

But ya - when you consider them all together, they seem an odd fit.
Looks like a nice kit that's in good shape.
Don't know what the typical pricing is on those though.


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Agreed with Bill above, but they look pretty nice. I believe Emmanuelle Caplette uses a 10-13-14" tom setup. Pretty reasonable IMO if you don't mind some bright tom pitches. Lovely finish as well.


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I think that the bottom tom in the stack is a 15" dia. The next one up is a 14" dia.
Third tom up from bottom is a 12" dia. Then two 10" dia toms on the top.
I was using the bass drum as perspective. Unless the bass drum is an 18" and not a 20".

Hollywood Jim

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The most difficult thing about being a drummer is, trying to figure out the size of drums.
Sometimes the first number is the diameter of the drum and sometimes the last number is the diameter. Grrrrrrr!



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The tom stacked immediately above the two FTs is exactly half the width of the bass drum head so the quoted sizes probably are correct, certainly unusual though - I imagine they will be difficult to sell.


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In addition to the weird sizing, it has a rail mount on top of the kick dead center. (?!?!)

I don't know, man. Lotsa good stuff could be had for that price.


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In addition to the weird sizing, it has a rail mount on top of the kick dead center. (?!?!)

I don't know, man. Lotsa good stuff could be had for that price.
It could be a custom kit that someone ordered and a few years later traded in for a different kit. It is an unusual kit.

Super Phil

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taye does have some odd sizes so to me the sizes of this kit seem odd. it seems like its a mixed set.

i got a ton of stuff when their wherehouse closed 1 1/2 ago and my dealer catalogs don't have those size options within one model line.

if i knew if the kit was a maple kit, rocker pro, would help so i can look at other catalogs going back 1990.

or pics would be great to.

It's a Taye Original kit. I believe the Original series is an all custom line, so I'm guessing someone ordered those sizes specifically.


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If those are the actual sizes of the shells then those are somewhat strange sizes but I wouldn't be surprised if they're not 100% accurate. I wouldn't be surprised if the measurements Music Go Round is using for the depth of at least a couple of the drums includes the rim in the measurement and not just the shell. If they are the actual sizes of the drums I'm sure there was some reasoning behind those sizes with whoever ordered them but I'm not sure what it was, I know shallow toms have become popular in the past few years and the shallow depth is supposed to give you more punch but that's all I've got!


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i did not see the link to the kit before.

the "original series" were maple kits made in extremely low quantities. less than 5 kits or one of a kind kits (from what i was told) in reality (again, from what i was told and i could be wrong) a employee said they were actually experiments in colors. i guess one can call them prototypes in set sizes (see below)

i have price lists from 2001 to 2014 as taye drums (and a few more pre 01 as OEM company catalogs) and none list the original series at all, so i assume you could not order a kit in specific sizes. this makes sense since only 2 catalogs that i have show the series and that they're technically prototype kits.

when i was there i only seen a few misc kits which were in the catalogs. all single kits. but these were also the kits displayed at namm so they were sitting for a while.

i still believe it was a kit put together for the fact that it has two 8" toms, however not a big deal since its all matching series. the rest look correct other than the rail mount added to the kick and color isn't something i've seen in a catalog (though i believe was offered in the "parasonic" series or something similar to it)

when the wherehouse closed i got a ton of stuff but someone else bought lots of dead stock, prototypes, one of a kinds, rental kits, etc...its possible this kit originally shipped from my area by this guy and the store now has it.

the inside of one a catalog reads (and i'm pulling spacific lines):

"these are one of a kind or extremely limited editions in unique sizes, finishes, models and config's".

"one month it might be a 24" kick with timbales as rack toms, a few weeks later it might be a jazz kit with unusual stunning fade".

"check website for updates. don't wait, we're not kidding. when we say "original" or "limited edition", a taye original might mean as few as 5 kits worldwide. in some cases only one".