Do people make fun of you for your ear protection?


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I don’t know how many decibels the average rehearsal or gig generates but I can guarantee if a working environment produced the same levels, local Health and Safety regulations would mandate Personal Protective Equipment for employees and companies would be liable if negligent. Yes it’s a personal choice in this situation but it’s a no-brainer for me.

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I remember overhearing bassist talk about IEMs at a NAMM show once and he said thanks to their common practice of not protecting their hearing, a lot of his era musicians are going deaf. And a lot of rock stars since the 80s have spoken out about protecting their hearing - one only has to look at Pete Townsend who is almost totally deaf. So it’s been a long time for people not to have gotten the memo. I’m surprised people would make fun of wearing hearing protection, or there are still complete imbeciles in the world.


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also growing up in the metal/punk scene, wearing ear plugs was a definitely no-no back then. You were not 'Trve Cvlt" if you didn't leave the show with whiplash, bruises from the pit, and complete deafness...also played (indoors) in marching band, and have been a band director for 30+ years, and never wore hearing protection until about 10 years ago (at 40)

now... I can not wear ear plugs. Putting things in my ears makes me throw up, so back then, I got a pair of pistol range headphones that worked awesome, but were big and bulky. The guitarist in my current metal band hates it, but it is what I have to do in practice. I also use some of the Vic Firth Iso headphones as well at school.

I have managed to be able to tolerate the Vic Firth Etymotic ear plugs for gigs, but they are in and out as quick as possible to prevent the nausea...

for about 15 years, i have had a nice, constant Eb ring in my ears. I joke that my life is in the key of Cminor all the time...


Never been an issue. I've used HP off and on since I was about 12, especially when I was in the Navy and I always had a set of plugs on me. As a matter of fact, I will probably have plugs and muffs available for other people in the room when I start making drum vids and need some extra help with camera work and such. Bonus: hearing protection makes the drums sound fantastic from the driver's seat!


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Any change in the frequency loss Andy?

I've been thinking about you so I thought this was a opportune time to ask

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