Do me a favor?


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Hey guys,

If there is a problem with doing this, mods, I apologize, but it didn't look to be against the rules. Also, I thought of putting it in the off-topic area, but it would actually really help my drumming career, so I put it in here.

Anyway, the singer in my band was nominated for the "717 Awards," a local music award, for best female vocalist. Voting is done by can e-mail once a day, every day this week. If you could send an e-mail, it would be awesome...winning this could really help our band out a lot!

If you are willing, send an e-mail to with a subject of "717 Awards" and a body that just says "I vote for Valerie Nicole," or something easy like that. If you want to hear her stuff first, feel free to check out or (the drumming is not mine, but I have joined her band since then, and I agree with any of you who might thing the drumming leaves something to be desired).

Thanks guys!