DM10 rim triggers

Bought a used set cheap. I did not realize that the module tom 1, 2, and 3 rims did not work. Tom 4 rim works. By Tom I mean in the module, not the actual drum. I swap cables and any drum works on Tom 4 input.
Is this something that can be fixed?
Turns out the guy let his kid play with the drum. He had used duct tape to tape the bass piezo wire on, and I soldered it to fix it. No telling what else the kid did.
I have not taken the module apart to see if by chance all 3 rim solder wires are broken, but I suspect not.
I know these are cheap kits, but the rims should at least work...


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This is the 4th thread regarding problems with DM10s. Any of you guys ever given thought to just playing drums that don't require electricity?


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OK - Alesis people - the piezos break or lose their cables on most Alesis and Medeli derived kits. You need to pull the pad apart and see what's gong on. Chances are the cable's come off the piezo. Up to you if you wanna re-solder. Piezos are only £$€0.50.

This shows on kick pads with the energy involved - but also all other pads in those ranges. Also the foam columns fall off / collapse / rot away etc. and/or the supporting plates crack. (etc, etc)


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Are the rims "activated" on the module settings? I switch mine off.
^ This.
I have the DM10 too and there are a lot of features. Could also be that the volume is set to zero or the sensitivity of each rim is set too high (so you have to hit that hard).


Trigger settings? (Sensitivity, volume, threshold, zonextalk..) It would be strange if all 3 wires are broken. Make sure they're all stereo TRS cables!!