DM10 Bass Drum Sensor Problem


Hi everyone!

I've been playing the Alesis DM10 for a couple of months now, great kit so far but, yesterday while jamming with a friend, bass drum stopped working somehow...

Checked the cables, tried hitting harder, and finally decided to troubleshoot a bit. I went ahead and started checking the trigger settings for the bass drum itself, it looks that signal is being sent from the sensor as I can see the bars moving up when I hit while on the configuration menu. Note chase also works although sometimes I have to hit really hard. As a temporal solution I changed bass drum's curve to "constant" but even like that sometimes the hit is not being processed.

Does anybody came across this situation? Any suggestions on how to fix this?
did u fix it? I have similar issue with rims.
My bass sensor broke off the piezo inside the bass drum. I had to solder the wire back on.


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This is the 4th thread regarding problems with DM10s. Any of you guys ever given thought to just playing drums that don't require electricity?


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OK - Alesis people - the piezos break or lose their cables on most Alesis and Medeli derived kits. You need to pull the pad apart and see what's gong on. Chances are the cable's come off the piezo. Up to you if you wanna re-solder. Piezos are only £$€0.50.

This shows on kick pads with the energy involved - but also all other pads in those ranges. Also the foam columns fall off / collapse / rot away etc. and/or the supporting plates crack. (etc, etc)


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Throw the crap Alesis Bass Pad in the bin & buy a Roland Pad. I learned this a long time ago & problem solved.