diy pedal base plate???


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i have the lowest of the gibralter double pedals. it is the "velocity" series. strap driven. it only has a base plate (or as gibralter says "rock stabilizer plate") on the slave pedal.

when i get going around....i think 170-180, the main pedal starts tailing? and i has gotten to the point where my band has to stop playing just so i can fix my pedal back onto the bass drum. when i am playing around that speed, i can feel it moving and see it moving. once, practicing on my own, i was playing and one of the 2 prongs that holds it together came out. it is only the main pedal that does it, that is why i was thinking that maybe a base plate will solve this problem.

and when trying to implement the slide technique (i dont really do the slide part, my foot just goes up to the top of the foot board and bounces and does a quick double) the part where the heel plate is comes off the carpet and completely ruins my double. every time.

i can get some plate steel from my local tractor supply house that is a little bigger than the size of a base plate for real cheap. all i would have to do is drill the holes.

any opinions???


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Why not?

I'd take the base plate off the slave and use it as a template and see if they can cut you something to size. Check the "Modifications" thread, I'm sure I've seen it done already....or PM harryconway, he's using a home made base plate on an old Speed King, from memory.


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ok. i will see if they can use my base plate as a template.

and i lurk around the modifications thread all the time because i love any way i can cheaply make my stuff better.

Les Ismore

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Ahhh, the 3311 Velocity double (about $100), shouldn't be a problem.

From how you describe your technique, I would make the main plate wider than the slave plate.

That's a very cheap heel plate hinge also, you may have torqued it already, if not, the plate will transfer more torque to it resulting in side to side play.

You'll need to be just about perfect with your hole lay-out and drilling for it all to be well worth it... hand drill not recommended, use a drill press if you can.
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i like that design harry. looks good with your pedal.

i have a drill press. so i will use that to be more precise.

how thick of steel did you use for your pedal harry?