DIY Cajon


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So...I am going to be possibly playing in a folk band soon and I need to expand on my percussive selection.

I want to add a cajon to my setup and I want to make one to save $$.

I was just wondering the types of wood that would be best for it.

In my mind, I want a warm tone with good punch and good was thinking walnut for the top and sides, maple for the bottom, and birch for the front and back.



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All birch ones sound great. Selecting the right pieces of wood for each part is a bit of a challenge, and the hardest part is all the trial and error required to get a great deep bass sound from the tapa. I'm seeing some cherry and a few other woods, but it seems this is mostly for looks.

A member here did his own that came out looking great. From memory, think his username was "notherjason" or something to that effect. Run a search for Cajon.