DIY cajon build - now with sound/video. Result!


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Nice build, Jason! Sounds sweet. Your snare sound is remarkable.... lots of sizzle and crackle. Well done!


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thanks alparrott
i was genuinely surpirised at the end product. i have had a chance to play some top cajons in the past few weeks even ones from schlagwerk and meinl (cajons in the £300) category and mine is easily in company with them. and i'm no craftsman - so i challenge all of you to make your own. it is really rewarding.


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Incredible! Excellent and beautiful work, and the sound is spot on. You should be very proud of this, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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Do any of the videos show how the snare mechanism works? I was a little vague on how it functions and what the snares are actually hitting.

Very nice work, though.