DIY Bass Drum Patch


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I know best buy had some for around 5 bucks.

When I was younger and broke, I used "moleskin"........................still works well.


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I've used a piece of Coated ambassador head (same as my batter) for many years.
The size I use is 4"x3" taped on the edges with gaf tape.
Sounds great, basically free, and I can change it and get that new head feel and sound when I want, without the head getting messed up.

Wouldn't use anything else, and if I am on a backline kit for a gig, I bring one of the patches with tape on it with me to use.
Takes a lot of the "click" out from the PS3 heads that are usually on the bass drum, and if it's a friends kit for a benefit or something, it's 10 mil of protection for their drumhead. Even if there's a Falams patch or something on it, I'll still use mine because it sounds better. I just take it off when I am done.