Disney Drummers/musicians


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I have always dismissed this type of 'music'. All the pre-teen type stuff Of Hannah Montana and all the other shows and films- High School Musical etc etc etc.

However recently my daughter has really gotten into all these types of things so I have had the cd's on in the truck for her-

Now I usually listen to 'serious musicians' playing 'serious music' however I have just loved the last few weeks just jamming in the truck with all these pop tunes-

It has really opened my ears I guess to avenues outside of the usual pigeon-hole I put myself.

Plus all these guys are all serious session players and are actually fantastic musicians-

My snobbish ways have been cleared from me!!!

I have come back to my kit with a completely fresh outlook on things.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to their life which effected their drumming?


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Good for you man. It's great to shed preconceptions and really listen to what's being done, no matter what kind of music is being played.


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Definitely. My son was in high school chorus and the for the seasonal shows the school bands would participate. I found a new respect for large ensemble playing.

Also, there's this new show on TV now called Glee. It's got the same kind of vibe. Some of the music, recordings and performances are great.

I try to expand my listening repertoire from time to time. For example, I don't really like Christina Aguilera's music that much, but I'll throw a CD of her's in and play to it for a day or two. It's humbling and quite a learning experience to try to learn the drum parts to some of the songs. It helps my drumming vocabulary grow.

Michael McDanial

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Up until my late teens I thought that rock and metal drummers were hands down the best drummers out there, but then I started to really get into jazz (even though I always liked jazz) and when I really listened to those guys play it changed my whole outlook. I also really got into Latin rhythms/percussion, especially Cuban. Since then, most of the albums I've bought have been in those genres, although I do enjoy a lot of other styles of world music, like Celtic, Flamenco, and Middle Eastern to name a few.


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Usually any Disney does is top notch, so to speak. Years ago I took both my daughters to a Disney show that was travelling around the country. We were fortunate enough to get good seats. I was totally blown away by their professionalism and how they well treated their performers.


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I liked Disney before they want all uber-comercialized. Hannah Montana, those triplets, horrible horrible shows all of them. I know they're meant for younger people, but It's stupidifying. Also, it takes away the fun part about being a kid, and tells kids that they should all dress and act like adults. It's like Mcdonalds, only with Tv-shows and cartoons. But thats how modern society is..


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Unfortunately, many people judge music by the lyrics, singer, or intended demographic, and end up not 'hearing' the music at all. I get this all the time with my main gig, where people manage to judge my drumming based on my boss's lyrics.

I don't know if I was ever a snob about what was good or bad or 'valid', but I've always kept an open ear to the music itself. In fact, lyrics tend to go by me... I just listen to the playing.

Good examples are the production and playing and programming that go into the boy band (Backstreet and N'Sync) and Britney tracks. Forget the target audience, sappy lyrics, and teen marketing, those tracks absolutely rock.

There was a song called Perfect Day by Hoku (Don Ho's hot daughter) that was pure teen power pop, but just an excellent, feel-good track.

I guess that's what determines if I like a song... if it makes me feel good. But I can't qualify/limit it by singer or genre, there are a lot of songs and artists that I like, and a lot that I don't. It varies widely. On one shelf of my CD collection I have Fad Gadget, Faith No More, Percy Faith, Fatboy Slim, Fine Young Cannibals, Filter, Ella Fitzgerald, Flaming Lips and Fleetwood Mac!



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My confession is that I really liked Britney Spears first album but I like to imagine what those songs would be like if they were covered by Marilyn Manson. Now that would be tits.


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Is this the guilty pleasure thread?

sometimes I just can't get Kylie Minogue outta my head...

oops, was that my outside voice?


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Hahaha, yes!
Synergy, something similar has happened to me... I still laugh when I think of it.
When I started out, I got into Jazz and its various related genres (which I still love). While I was also into other styles like pop, rock etc, I thought that the jazz fusion drummers were much better than the guys I heard on pop albums. I was twelve or thirteen at the time.... One day I was hanging out with my best friend who is also a musician, and I was explaining to him why Omar Hakim, who played on Stings Bring On the Night, was a much better drummer than whoever it was playing on Bowie's hits at the time. The drummer on Bowie's album was playing much more simple stuff, so for sure he was not as good as Omar.
You can guess what happened next.... I checked and the drummer on Bowie's album WAS Omar. oooops. What a lesson that was.