Disappointed - Ayotte Keplinger


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Does anyone here know the main actual differences between the first Ayotte Keplinger and the Keplinger II??
I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE on line and can’t really tell what the differences are besides cosmetic changes for the wood hoops and the Ayotte web site’s claim that the later is now “produced from an enhanced stainless steel alloy conconction”..whatever that means (?)
Modern drummer review (from 1998) weights the 14x6.5 first generation with steel hoops at 16.5 lbs vs. 9.20 lbs for the 14x6.5 II with wood hoops on Ayotte’s web site though, not sure how that translates in the sound.
Anyone? Thanks A LOT for any help.


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First, I don't know the difference.

Second, why buy an Ayotte when you can buy from the man himself: http://www.keplingerdrums.com/snares.php

While I will agree that the site and text is dated, Kep is a standup guy and will build for you.

I have one drum made from the ground up and a few more that he's worked over. He does great work.