Difficult Recording Session Ahead


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Hey guys,

I'm supposed to be recording tomorrow, it's a fairly laid back affair but I do have some gripes as I feel I've been put in abit of an awkward/potentially embarrasing position.

The date has been booked for about 2 weeks, maybe 3 I can't quite remember however I insisted that we rehearse the recordings during that time..which we didn't (I live in apartment building, i.e. no drum time) . Last time out at rehearsal I receive a CD with 2 or 3 tracks I know and the rest either I've played once or twice a few months ago and some I haven't ever heard before, let alone played and I'm suppose to record these?!
The idea is I play along to the pre-recorded CD, and have the takes recorded. I don't like this method because a) how do I know the guitars were recorded to a click b) most of the songs have a sampled drum track on them, which is going to be confusing as hell in my head. It's all going to be very sub standard and probably a waste of time.
And from the sounds of things, I'm turning up a pre-arranged place on my own without anyone who's arranged this.
I'm finding it quite frustrating that I'm expected to do this, on top of all the other stuff that I've put up with I'm getting a little short tempered.

I've said I will do my best on the tracks, most of them will be basic drum beats, I can't do anything other than that.
I feel like I'm sticking to a band etiquette but having to take a lot of 'big asks' with a smile