Different Member Levels


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I'm kind of curious. I obviously can see what different member levels there are by looking at those given to different people who post. So I've seen these levels

Junior Member
Senior Member
Well Known Member
Silver Member
Gold Member
Platinum Member

There may be others but those are the ones I see most. But I'm wondering what criteria are used to establish what level you are. I ask because I saw one member who has far fewer posts than I do and a single digit reaction score and only joined earlier this month and they are a Well Known Member while I've been on here since 2011, although only active since last year, and I'm still a Junior Member. I realize this doesn't mean much and I'm probably being petty or small minded, but I'm just curious how the member moniker works.

Thanks in advance for any insight on the subject.


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Ok. If that's the case, why would someone with around 70 posts be a Well Known Member and someone with over 200 posts be a Junior Member?


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I was wondering about this myself a few days ago. I don't really look at the titles though and hold little value to me.
When i started on the Pearl Drummers Forum, post count was everything so there were a lot of people (myself included) that racked op post like a madman. Not really contributing to the topic at hand. Having said that, i really like this forum. Much more mature and far more active as well!

Jeff Almeyda

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Some members come back under a different user name.That might be the "well-known" member

I am one of the longest running members, although not nearly the most prolific.
Bernard gave me and a few of the old guard's established players the "senior consultant" title many moons ago.


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I'm begging for the "Diamond Member" but the most they will consider is "Diamond in the Rough Member". So I gave up on that and asked for the title of "Biggest Member" but they told me I was being a dick. How about "Well-Known Lunatic and Hobbyist" maybe a little to accurate. All that means nothing the real treat is getting a grand slam of having a comment on all Forum sections when someone checks in-GetAgrippa is comment in all sections. I've done it twice now so just one more and it's "Grand Slammer Member" which obviously no one has achieved this accolade.


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I’d settle for “Remember” if I only could...


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In the past the levels simply referred to post count, unless you got a special designation from the admins. I'm not sure about that "well-known member" level, though. At first I thought it meant someone who is a well known drummer in general, but then when I tried to look up a couple of them, I found that wasn't the case, lol.

So, as is often the case, I'd like to help, but I have no idea...


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Yes. Yes it does.
We can't discuss how we handle our members on here. Only the administrators can handle their members. GruntersDad apparently has this big hammer so I can only imagine. Maybe we need a means to subtract from our points-so if we misbehave we can lower our count and drop in title. That way if you want to be a "Well-known Member" forever you just balance your plus and minus tally to keep the range. I could quickly see one member drop to Junior or just member-oh pardon me I was looking in a mirror.


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I'm surprised the tiers don't go something like luan member, poplar member, mahogany member, birch member, maple member, etc.

Anyone banned or on disciplinary restriction can be cardboard box member.


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The basic user title 'ladder' is:

New Member - 0-4 posts
Member - 5-24 posts
Active Member - 25-44 posts
Well-Known Member - 45+ posts

Beyond that, I don't know how the other titles are applied.

Admins can assign a custom title, such as "Uncle Larry" for larryace, but Bernhard handles those, and you can ask Larry how long that took to get approved. 😮

My Drummerworld Pro Drummer is a custom title for example, but I don't know if it's because I'm actually a working pro, or because I'm on the Drummerworld list of drummers. :)


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Not to be a wise guy ,but its just a name tag, I look at it like this, my passion is drums,its part of who i am, thats platinum to me !