Different lengths for HH rods

Janet Tambour

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Stupid question, but I haven't had to deal with one of these in almost 40 years (I have a remote HH). I like my hat's low like maybe a couple inches above my snare head. My question is: can you get different length rods for your hi-hat? Or just use a hack saw?


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You can get different lengths but the are slightly less common, so it is probably easier to cut your existing one down.
I take mine to a drum shop or a machine shop and get them cut down. They can round the rough edges off which will cut you bad if you are not careful.


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I bought two extra rods so I can have three pull rods for my hi hat stand; short, medium and stock length. I just used a hacksaw to cut and a dremel tool to smooth the cut edge.


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In addition to the above; some manufacturers will sell different rod lengths from the factory.

If cutting down the existing one, I’d prefer leaving the existing roundover, cutting from the threaded end and rethreading afterwards. It’s not any more functional, but it’s more elegant. All things considered, rethreading is probably easier than doing a free hand roundover too.


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I clip mine short with vise grips and then file down the end so that it's smooth and burrless. Takes about five minutes.


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Not a stupid question at all.

Like you, I play my hi hats just an inch or two above the snare hoop. (Why more drummers don't do this, I will never know.)

Since I play my snare really high, there's usually no problem. I just set the HH stand to its lowest setting, and I'm good. If the HH stand doesn't go low enough, I'll use a hacksaw and a file to get the HH stand to cooperate.


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Hi JT. Take a look at this PDF.


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