Different drums or new heads


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Hi, Im Omni

Starting my search for the more modern drum experience!

I know this topic as been discussed a bizzilion times, However, I need feed back from those with real experience. Trial and error will cost me a great deal of money. Can you help! Thanks!

Do I buy 3 different drum sets; or one drum set with 3 different heads and tunings.

Does anyone use electronic sets in place of acoustics for more then practice? I know how they sound. How do they look on stage. How is the triggering when hitting high speeds.

I want a nice solid set for live work. local clubbing. Parties. Jazz and Speed Metal

When I was young one drum set did it all. Those days have changed.

speed metal

Iv'e read about the right drums for the job; the drum shell type, pro level vs middle of the road, bearing edge degrees. Im lost! How many drums to I need to own!

I was looking at Crush Drums. They look great! I liked the Ash, liked the basic maple, I liked the acrylic.

With so much info on the net about the right shell material configuration, drum depth. Is it rapped, is it lacquered; I feel like I will never know the answer!

Do I need more then one set?

Can a speed metal kit be turned into a jazz kit by heads and tuning?

What has worked best for you!

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Just have one set. U can have any kit sounding like a jazz kit or a speed metal kit with the right tuning. You dont need 3 kits. Try to get the right heads for all the type of music you play and use them on one kit


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Can a speed metal kit be turned into a jazz kit by heads and tuning?

In fact, if you look at many extreme metal drummers kits, they resemble jazz kits in terms of tom sizes, heads, tuning, and thinner cymbals, they just have more of 'em.

On the other end, look at Tony Williams, who played big sized drums on a kit that far more resembled a rock set when compared to what many of his jazz peers played at the time.


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I used to have 3 kits but have been down to 1 for about 8 years now but would like to have a quality e kit for late night practice and smaller gigs.
Not different drums. I've got a Mapex Meridian Maple and you can do ANYTHING with it. You could do anything with a Mapex Saturn though. I have my toms tuned between jazz and rock so about medium-highish. And I use Remo Coated Emperor's on top and Clear Ambassadors on the bottom and I play everything. All round for cymbals though... Sabian or Zildjian are my best bet. A's, A Customs, K's, K Customs. AA's, AAX's, HH's, HHX's, Vaults, Artisans, Paragons you name it.

But you can make any kit sound the way you want!

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Well, how much money do you have to spend? That's usually the deciding factor for alot of amateurs. If you haven't been playing alot, get one solid set, and learn how to wring every different sound out of it that you can hear. Once you discover that it can't do something you need, then consider an alternative.