Difference in Zildjian/Sabian packaging or a problem with the store?


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So I was shopping for cymbals a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to take a chance on a Zildjian box set (the K box set with a 20" ride, 14" hats, 16" and 18" Dark thin crashes). These are really nice cymbals and I am very happy with them. I bought a box set of Sabian HHX Evolutions in August but I just wasn't happy with them at all. Amazing cymbals, but not the sound that I was looking for.

I don't have any really good drum shops near enough that have a large enough selection to "hand pick" a set, so buying these as a box set was fine with me. The price was also right. I don't know if I got lucky or if Zildjian is really good at matching a set but this set of K's all sound perfect together.

My concern is that when I bought the Sabian box set, they were supremely well packaged. Inside the box was another box and cardboard protectors for the corners, and all of the cymbals were in individual bags and bolted together as a single stack. Nothing could slide around at all.

The Zildjian box set had the "box within a box" (without the corner protectors) and while the individual cymbals were in bags, they were just loose inside the inner box. The smaller cymbals were free to slide around as the box was thrown around during shipping. Nothing was damaged at all, but after seeing the Sabian packaging I was surprised that Zildjian would let their flagship cymbals be packaged like that.


I bought this set via the eBay presence for a certain retail store that has always been reputable as far as I know. They have a physical store, an online presence, an Amazon presence, and an eBay outlet. I've bought from them via their website, Amazon, and now eBay and I've always had good customer service. They even helped correct a shipping problem for me when UPS got something crossways in their system.

I don't want to put their name here since if this just how Zildjian packs their box sets I don't want to malign the store. The price was about $150 below what this set normally goes for, so I'm wondering if this could have been a display or open box or a return or something like that, but the eBay listing didn't mention anything like that.

I'm not going to raise a stink about it since I am extremely happy with the cymbals themselves, I'm just curious about this since if this is something that the store did then I would be a little leery to shop with them again.


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Agreed, there are worse things to happen to cymbals than sliding around a bit. :)



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Not really worried about it per se, but I didn't want to start a disagreement with the store accusing them of trying to pass off used cymbals as new or something. If this is normal for Zildjian then I'm cool with it. As long as the cymbals are still protected then yes, a little sliding around shouldn't hurt them.

I've never ordered anything prepackaged from Zildjian before and was kind of disappointed with the contrast after seeing the attention to detail in the Sabian packaging. It's like how phone and other electronic device manufacturers started to pay attention to the "unboxing experience" after Apple showed them how it should be done. :)


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I got a K pack free during a guitar center deal and sold then unopened on EBay. It sounded like the cymbals were sliding around in the box and buyer claimed they weren't new when he got them (despite the Zildjian factory seals in place). So, yeah, looks like their packaging leaves a lot to be desired.