Difference Between Roland TD-17KVX & TD-27KV ??


I spend most of my practice time on my electric drum kit so that I don't disturb my neighbors (especially at 3:am) but the hard rubber on the toms & kick is taking a painful toll on my body. I am thinking about upgrading to a new & better kit. I was checking out the new Roland TD-27KV but when I compared it to the Roland TD-17KVX, besides the larger snare drum & ride cymbal, I can't see any other difference. There is a huge price difference, so what am I not seeing?

Is the TD-27 KV worth the big difference in price?
Besides the full size snare & larger ride cymbal, what is the difference between the Roland TD-17 KVX and TD-27 KV ???

Thanks for the help.


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Too early to tell, apart from wading thru the marking BS. Think the 27 may have a sound card in it. Other thing I did note was MIDI IN ! Still got evil cable snakes ;) (this triggers cable-snake owners ;) )

So, prob best to download the manuals, and have a peruse.

ps. if you have an issue with "hard rubber", then look at the sticks you're using. You should be looking at maple. Maple flexes and soaks up vibes. (and maybe a thinnner stick)
flex: Maple > Hickory > Oak
Been hitting rubber for over 30 years with no issues :)

pps. Try Yamaha's silicone pads as well as trying various mesh pads.


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There are at least several videos online showcasing features of the new TD-27KV. The module uses the same modeling engine as the TD-50. Snare drum is essentially full-size at 14" x 4.3" and is digital with eight sensors. The new ride is 18" and is also digital. The listing on Sweetwater's website gives a fair amount of detail. With a minimal of effort you can compare it with the TD-17 all from the same site.


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The main difference is: the TD-27 has got shitty sounds, the TD-17 has got even shittier sounds.😆

Still got evil cable snakes ;) (this triggers cable-snake owners ;) )
The evil that cable-snakes do lives on and on... who doesn't remember that IronMaiden song... I am triggered😜
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Fritz Frigursson

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TD27KV has better ride, better snare, better toms, better rack, better module and better hardware (cymbal boom arms with ball joints). 100% better buy.