Diego's Foo Fighters covers: "Dear Rosemary" and "These Days"


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Hey everybody,

Here's a couple of recordings I wanted to share with you, I think some of you might enjoy. :)

Two more drum covers from the Foo Fighters' latest album "Wasting Light":

Foo Fighters - Dear Rosemary - Drum Cover by Diego

Foo Fighters - These Days - Drum Cover by Diego

Both covers feature two cameras and are recorded in high quality audio. I try to play them as exactly as I can. They're maybe 90% true to the original recording with only very few parts being a little different.

I'd really love to hear your opinions, criticism or suggestions about sound, technique, playing, mix, video, or anything you like.

Any questions about gear, recording, software or whatever are of course welcome too.

Thanks in advance, I hope you enjoy them!

Cheers! :)