Did Russia hack drummerworld?


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Putin now knows everything about our drumming habits!


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Didn't notice any issues, don't be Russian to judgement. If this thread gets political, I'll be Putin it to rest!


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You guys are getting cheesy.

Putin now knows everything about our drumming habits!

Doesn't matter.

Nothing on the internet is true.



Thunder 42

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I just don't see them doing such a thing, and I can see Russia from my house...


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Visions of Marlin Perkins' assistant Jim hanging out of a helicopter over the Alaskan Tundra drawing a bead on a herd of wild politicians with his trusty tranquilizer dart gun.

marlins voice-over..."My assistant Jim will now tag the next president of the united states...if you listen closely you can hear the majestic beasts muttering their best known campaign slogans as they attempt to escape"