Did PDP Discontinue the Wood Hoop Classic Line of Concept Drums?


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I see they have a Limited Edition 2021 kit with wood hoops, but the wood hoop concept kits that used to be available are no longer on their website.


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If it's not on their website anymore, my guess is they have indeed discontinued it.

It looks like they're now heavily pushing their new "Twisted Ivory" finish on the website. But I think it looks more like "Beige Swirl". Worst finish ever.


Rock Salad

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I saw those at the store, they looked pretty smooth to me. Dunno about the wood hoops, I've been shopping those drums too, they have the wood hoops at some retailers still


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Thanks for the replies. They now are making a Concept Maple kit in Bop Sizes, but the new line of Concept Maple finishes are just.............well.................awful!

Twisted Ivory, Satin Seafoam, Satin Pewter, Satin Olive or Satin Black? The black and pewter are boring and the others are just bad. They use to have really cool and sophisticated looking sparkle lacquer finishes and some nice natural wood finishes too. Plus, all the Concept Maple kits are now "Finish Ply" (aka wrapped, not lacquer). They all used to be lacquer finished. A huge downgrade, IMO.

(Scroll down on the link above to see the other available finishes, if you dare!)

Cmdr. Ross

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I'm sure you can retrofit wood hoops and claw rods on a current model.


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I'm curious. How durable are the wood hoops? What happens if you hit the wooden hoop? Does it leave a dimple every time? Are rim shots possible with these without damaging the hoop? I love how they look. Reminds me of Levon Helm, RIP.