Did my first offical recording session yesterday.


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A theatre prof where I go to college wrote a play version of Germinal.

Germinal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFs0LCnW-lM

Two students wrote a few short little transition pieces, two 1:00ish pieces, and percussion sound effects (play is set in a coal mine, lots of break drum).

We used one mic, and recorded in our black box (Big black room with lots of curtains on the walls). I played timpani/snare/crash/field drum during the session.

Got the music and sight read a few times, and my friends picked out the versions they liked the best.

It is so cool that I will be on a soundtrack for a world premiere play (except only ~150-200 people will see it's opening). I haven't heard the sound, but I will attend the play.

I got paid with pizza.

What I didn't like is hauling 4 timpani, bass drum, 2 snares, two toms, gong, and other things across the buildings.

Also, since I don't plan on being a professional musician, how should I put this experience on my resume? I did get 'paid' for it, and it is being played....
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