Did I get ripped off

Fritz Frigursson

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A few months back I was invited to join a practice space for 50 euros a month by my drum teacher after 3 years of E drums and I accepted immediately. Since I didn’t need the E kit anymore I decided to sell it. It was a Roland TD11KV which I paid 1100 euros 3 years ago from a local store. My drum teacher also works at a drum store so I asked him if he could ask the owner of the place to give me an evaluation of my kit and after a month of waiting he told me I could get max. 500 euros for it. I was quite disappointed since I had read that Roland kits maintained their resale value and was one of the reasons I bought Roland, so I waited. Online I could find my same kit easily for 800 used in good condition and that was what I was hoping to get. Finally, yesterday I boxed my kit in the car, drove to the place I bought my kit from, walked right up to the drums guy with 2 heavy boxes and told him I would sell it. He inspected it for a good 30 minutes and told me he’d give me 450 for it. I was pissed to say the least but talked my way up to 550 plus a drum head. At this point I had already asked 2 of my city’s biggest music stores and they both had cited a price of around 500 so I knew I wasn’t going to get a higher price than 550, so I bit the bullet and accepted the deal.

I keep getting this feeling I was ripped off/scammed since I only got 50% of what I’d paid for, from the same place I’d gotten it. Forgot to mention that I bought a Ludwig LM402 with the money I’d received so that free head isn’t going to waste (I’d planned on trading it for the E kit anyway). Was this a good deal or could I have gotten a higher price from a local store?


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pretty much standard retail policy is to buy up at half the price they can expect to sell it for

they have to check it out, fix any issues, then warranty it for 30-90 days after someone buys it, plus it might sit unsold for a few months, taking up floor space until its gone

that's how they make their money... and is like that for other businesses as well

seller always gets more if he handles it privately, but then has to do the work and follow up


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I think that’s just normal business. They can’t give you what they are worth, or they will lose money. They have to buy drums for less than they sell for, and then sell them for a little more. That’s how they make money. The only way to get what they worth is to sell them your self. That way you eliminate the middle man.

Rattlin' Bones

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They have to "key" it up in price in order to make money. So they must buy it at about half of what they'll sell it for (typical markup). You're like a wholesaler in this case. If you want to get full "retail" or close to it, you have to sell it privately, not to a dealer or retailer.

No Way Jose

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Generally used equipment sells for about half of the new price if it is in good condition. I think that you got a fair price.


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E-kits unlike acoustic kits become obsolete and further decreases their value . E-kits have horrible resale value for the most part . You did well getting approximately 50% back from a dealer .