Diabetes & Drumming


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Anyone out there deal with the two BIG D's (Diabetes and Drums)? I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes almost 4 years ago and have been trying to control my blood sugar with meds and diet. It has been a struggle and looks like I am going to be doing insulin shots here before long.

My question is do you prepare differently before playing due to the disease?

Sometimes I will feel great, sit down to play and within 30 minutes start feeling pretty frail and shakey. Other times I can feel terrible and play through it for a few hours and feel spectacular.

I have tried eating prior. Full meal or just a protien bar. Seems like I don't have the formula down.

Any tips on how to be better prepared or anyone else dealing with similar issues?


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Im not diabetic but I do have hypoglycemia

I always need to keep some vitamin water and maybe some M&Ms near by at gigs because I often feel the plunge.....not a good feeling at all .....although a sudden sugar charge is not the best thing for me ....it will get me through the gig....then it takes me a day to regulate again.

Ive been told I need to be checked for Diabetes....I plan to do that soon

it is very hard for me to monitor and control the condition because I never know when it will attack .......I try to eat pretty healthy for the most part but my body burns through its sugar content pretty quickly

Id like to hear some ideas as well
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I have a small box of raisins or crackers between sets. We"ll go hour plus. just because I'm old and these keep my energy level up! Denis


The worst things for someone suffering from diabetes are extreme peaks and and valleys in your glucose levels. Either one can land you in the hospital if it's not caught in time. This past Christmas I was doing some shopping and was waiting for the checkout lady to come to the register. Another woman told me that I should go to another checkout because the regular checkout person wasn't feeling very well. By the time I came around to the other side, she collapsed on the floor while trying to ask for candy, I knew exactly what was wrong. Her glucose level dropped and she didn't have any sugar products on her to bring the level back up again. Luckily I always have a few piece of candy with me and I was able to get some in her mouth as she laid there. I asked another person to get her a soda while I stayed with her so she would not choke on the candy I gave her. She was fine in about five or ten minutes, but no one there knew what was happening to her and the same could very well happen to you if you're diagnosed with diabetes and you don't get a grip on it and take some precautions.

I don't know if you check you sugar levels by either finger prick or urinalysis, but maybe it would be a good thing for you to really know your condition before you even start to play. My main problem is that I don't take the time to really sit down and eat a balanced meal, but instead just grab something from a fast food restaurant or maybe even a candy bar to keep myself going.

I was just yelled at again by my MD just last night.



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GO get checked GVD- too late is just that- too late. You only get one pass and the sooner the better.

My father was diabetic type 2 and he checked his sugar very often or he would get in trouble. Had a great little device to do it that I know was expensive but was well worth it.


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Hi there. Sorry about your condition. It would be worthwhile to get two products.

Sugar Solve http://www.nutritionalfrontiers.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=46

Pro Oranges http://www.nutritionalfrontiers.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=12&products_id=37

Insulin and meds just mask the problems. Nutritionally, these can help manage and hopefully eliminate your issues. Also, seek out a naturopathic practitioner who thinks outside the failed conventional medicine box. Best of health to you :)


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I have type II diabetes but manage to keep it pretty well under control. High blood sugar and heart disease go well in hand together so keep that sugar level in check. I take two pills a day to control mine and if I don't eat right, mine will drop.

I had a quad heart bypass back in April and the dietician at the hospital explained how the two, high glucose levels and the circulatory system, work together in promoting plaque build up in the arteries. I never smoked so my diet, high in fat and sugar over the years and smoke filled bars, took their toll on my old ticker.

Now at age 60, I feel better than I ever have and don't have the sugar cravings I once had. I have lost 20 pounds and am down to my ideal weight and now am able to sit at the drums and play without tiring out within a half hour.

Take care of yourself and keep that sugar level in check.