Development of triplet and 16th note ride patterns


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I do push pull for fast ride stuff..

I also do a french/matched hybrid to hit REALLY fast singles one one hand
I can do 16th at 120 or 1/8 at 240 with this technique very comfortably but only on the right.. If i push it in bursts of a few measures I can do 130/260 respectively.
I have not tried my triplet speed. I'll maybe check that tomorrow.

Google "flying fingers technique" maybe add the word DRUMS in your search too.

The trick is to catch the rebound and have your thumb on the top of the stick. The thumb and fingers work together to create the hit.
This took a long time to get to. I play a bunch of metal so blast beats require me to do 16th notes as fast as I can. I've been working on my speed for YEARS. lol

Set a metronome at your top speed and play for extended periods of time... to finish up set it JUST above your top speed of playing clean where your really pushing... fast forward a few months and see how many BPM you have gone up.

I'll make a video soon of the two techniques I use.

Just noticed date of the OP. hahaha OOPS!