Developing stylistically


as i stated in my introduction i mainly play rock and worship, but ive been told by various band leaders i need to play different. one leader likes me playing toms and stuff like that, but i feel that i need to learn a new style.

i was wondering if anyone new a style that it was easy to progress to from rock, im not a jazzy person so ive struggled with that, but if someone here has a list of styles and how they connect so i could learn some new stuff without such a drastic in style.

any help is appreciated.


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try reggae and ska. study the police as a nice challenge but also jam along to marley, tosh and ub40 for fun.
ps: also look up lucky dube


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Expose yourself to all sorts of music and you may find overtime you enjoy new stuff.

Jazz covers many many territories as does rock. I wouldn't rule it completely out until you know for sure.