Developing Limb independence (struggling with Creep (Radiohead) groove)


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Hi guys, may seem simple but I'm really struggling to play the 16th Kick in the song Creep without my HiHat hand wanting to do the same thing...

I can play the kick pattern (inc snare if I want) on it's own fine, and I can play the HiHat part fine, but not together up to tempo (92 BPM I believe). I can ramp up to nearly 80 BPM before either I can't do the first 16th Kick anymore or I'm so focused on the kick that the Hi Hat goes to pot.

Any tips or suggestions I can focus on to help please?

Many thanks
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Stay slow and isolate the part where it doesn't work. Could just be Hi-Hat - Bass. Then play longer parts of the groove where the prolem occurs like a quarter or two quarters long.