Despite Some Of The Negative Remarks This pedal Looks Very Interesting


I'm somewhat excited about the pedal. I like my DWs but I have, use and rebuild different pedals so I'm curious about the feel and the customizations.


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Honestly, I was surprised to see that it's a Tama. The highlights were all focused on the adjustments and features. Usually Tama (like Axis, Trick and others) focuses their commentary on the science and engineering that went into the pedal's actual performance.


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I'd get one of them. But I don't need it. But if I did, I'd have to try it. I like the way it folds up and the adjustable height thing. Good design. Everthing is independantly adjustable. Plus it looks like a classic pedal, as opposed to the Terminator looking pedals like Trick, which offends my aesthetic senses. The Tama checks all the boxes for me and adds a box or two.

What negative remarks? Who is saying negative remarks about this? I can't imagine what they could possibly complain about.


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Looks good, actually. I would have to play it before trusting that configuration-- In the 80s I had a Pearl pedal with that same basic design, and it sucked. It looks like just the usual Floating Action/Camco type mechanism, with the spring mounted vertically-- but for whatever reason it was no good.


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I don't think Tama has ever made a bad pedal. I'm a little biased though. I've owned Camco, Pro Twin, IC Jr. IC and now SC. It looks like a good one to me too.


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For $100 how can you go wrong? Honestly I don't think it needs any more than it already has, except for maybe a slave unit and driveshaft!


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it should have a solid footplate... those wire frame-y prongs are too prone to side-to-side wobble

i'd get one, but only if it had a plate, or i'd made one for it


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it should have a solid footplate... those wire frame-y prongs are too prone to side-to-side wobble

i'd get one, but only if it had a plate, or i'd made one for it

One of the main features is that it can fold down and be compact for transport. That goes away if you use a plate. I get what you're saying, but it wouldn't make much sense on a pedal like this.

I think this pedal is very nice. I think it was based on an old Rogers design (which is what Tama's original 70's pedal pictured above was designed after)


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I've played one twice on two different sets.

A Tama Starclassic Maple and a Ludwig Neusonic at GC.

Not a fan of the pedal as the action feels too bouncy.
Kind of a weird stiffness.

Great looking pedal though,but not on my shortlist.


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I think any negativity come from skepticism about spending good money on pedals. None of them are cheap. Like the perfect balance from Jojo. I would be upset to have spent that money and a year later they have a new one. This is the place to voice your negative thoughts and skepticism. Large audience to share with .


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I kind of have the mindset that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I've played a Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide for a good long bit now, and for my level of ability, it's more pedal than I'll ever need - it gets the job done exactly as it's supposed to.

Possibly, if I was a session guy or something like that, I'd want something that could really be dialed in and a pedal where I could get absolute control over it - i.e., Axis Long Boards, Pearl Demon Drive direct drive, etc. Otherwise....? Gotta stick with the good old Iron Cobra.


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I bought the Tama HP 50 pedal when they first came out. I had high hopes for this pedal as I really like the Tama Classic hihat stand. Sadly, the Tama pedal developed a very loud squeak almost immediately, not to mention even after a lot of experimenting I could not get this pedal dialled in for a feel I liked. I included my pedal with a drum set I sold.