Desperate for Vinnie footage


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Hi everyone! Does anyone know where I can download / purchase or simply beg for the full video footage (uncompressed) of Vinnie Colaiuta at the Baked Potato from March 3, 2000?

Having been retired from the drums for 2 years (and sold my kit!) I just decided to learn traditional grip. All I have is a practice pad and sticks and 30 years of bad left hand technique to correct!

In my new found thirst for drumming (my first love!) I am watching and listeninig to music again.

This recording of Vinnie is just astounding. A whole gig to study with the camera just trained on him.

Please please can someone help me own this video recording in its raw format (e.g. before it has been compressed for the internet)?



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You might consider contacting some of the people who have posted videos from that night on youtube. That's the only way I see you getting to the bottom of this.