Designing lugs, the journey + opinions on latest model sought

Anon La Ply

Okay, I'll toss in my 2 cents (pence). While there is a certain retro/art deco look to the Dagmars on the current design, I am also a form follows function type. If you want a different look for a new series, and not to have a family thing going with the hardware, I would emphasize the claw or wrap over aspect of the lugs and leave the bullet off. There is a body of thought (and marketing potential) to lower mass lugs. Which you are already availing yourselves of. By eliminating the cosmetic extension and focusing the esthetic on the gripping of the external re-ring and providing a nut function for the tension rod you can capture the Appleish minimalist appearance and maintain the traditional concept of lugs spaced periodically about the shell.
More than 2c - great comment, A.

The Old Hyde

Aeolin, the bullit does serve a function from some of the pics I have seen, the mounted tom uses the stems to hang from. At least i thought i saw a picture of that