Desert Island Snare Drums


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I agree Mr Polack-really you're on a deserted island a snare wouldn't be much use without sticks or brushes LOL. I'd go metal so I could use the metal for stuff to survive-like make fishing lures, metal cutting or cups, etc. it would never survive as a snare because you'd turn it into something else to survive. Course you could have the snare on a nice stand by beach and if any passerby see and stop to get it then you could kill them and eat them then escape off the island in their boat. Yeah that's the ticket -bait. ROFL

Neal Pert

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From my current collection? I'd definitely bring my Noble & Cooley 7x14 SS Maple. Second drum? That's harder. I really like my two Yamaha Recording Custom snares (6.5x14 Brass, 5.5x14 Aluminum) but if I really had to get down to just one of those I'm not sure what it'd be.