Dented Rogers Shell


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I have a Rogers Dynasonic that has been damaged. There are three dents in the shell. The worst is at the throw off attachment, the other two are at lug locations. (Please see pictures.)

Is it possible to repair this damage or has it been rendered junk?


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Hollywood Jim

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It is easy to remove the dents. But it is rarely perfect again. But they can be removed so that you can hardly tell they existed. Remove all of the hardware. Use a hard rubber mallet and a flat hard wood surface.


Ghostin one

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An auto body shop could do it quickly - ideally you'd use a "dolly", a piece of steel to match the curve of the drum, used like an anvil on one side and hammer on the other. They're not expensive, but it might be hard to get just one that matches the curve without buying a whole set.


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Take the lugs/strainer off and use a rubber hammer to get it close. It won't be perfect but close enough.