Dennis Chambers


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That's great news Supernoodle. I was thinking maybe he was swollen with ascites which it's usually cirrhosis or cancer related. So I hope recovers well-an awesome drummer!!

Al Strange

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Congratulations to Dennis on a successful liver transplant!

D.C. - is there any other drummer out there who would get asked to play for James Brown and Miles Davis, and turn them both down??!

Hope he can start drumming again soon... Best wishes
I knew he had a health scare in 2014 but didn’t realise he’s just had a transplant? Here’s to a speedy and full recovery!! (y) :)


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Dennis is one of my favorite drummers ever, hearing him on Scofield's "Pick Hits" album made me an instant fan.

Wishing Dennis a speedy recovery and seeing him get back to tearing it up on the drumset.


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One of the elite few whose groove and chops are off the charts. I remember the “in the pocket” vhs tape where he was doing this ridiculous billy cobham level chops explosion looking cool as a cucumber. More impressive was how tightly locked in he was with Gary Grainger.

Truly one of the GOATs


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Some of my favorite Dennis playing was when he did a series of videos for the Reference series and he was only playing a 4pc kit. His ideas were different than any other time I recall, I really liked the grooves he came up with. And I check out the Victor Wooten video he did 2018, sounded great as ever. Definitely a very instinctual player which is hard to do with complex music, I don't think he is a reader at all.

I'm not a gospel player or anything but Dennis is arguably the most prominent influence of this genre from what I see; everything seems to go back to that In the Pocket video and stuff like Blue Matter, Pick Hits, P-funk...the McLaughlin trio he had some nice playing but wasn't a fan of the sound of that band (though all great players). Anyways, I wish him a healthy recovery.

Old PIT Guy

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I spent a summer one year doing a lot of driving, and Blue Matter was in the deck practically every day. It's one of those things you don't think a lot about, but listening to something that frequently creeps into your style without much acknowledgment.

A lot of my practice time is freeform, usually with a click, humming very simple improvised melodies - bass lines, mostly - and phrasing grooves and fills from those motifs. I definitely hear bits and pieces that in hindsight I owe to the influence of Dennis Chambers playing on that album. Listening to a lot of music is so important, even when you're not attempting to assimilate it.