Dennis Chambers


Amazing musician. You almost have to be High on drugs to comprehend his beat displacement. He said it himself that most of the time "he's just using his imagination" when he's doing that stuff. I have a transcription of OTAY from his Outbreak CD, and its just amazing seeing his playing on paper.

One of my biggest influences, and definitely he took Cobham's torch and lit it to a giant bonfire.

Great interviews of him and insight on his "Master Drummer" DVD. The funny thing is, he has this total "deadpan" look throughout the whole video.

I think his best playing was on the Live at Beverly Theatre with George Clinton and the P-Funk allstars. I also dig his playing with Greg Howe on Extraction, and with Tetsuo Sakurai (Akira Jimbo's old bass palyer) album, Gentle Hearts. Howe also plays guitar on that one too.

Dennis with P-Funk from the early 80's. (lets take it to the stage)

Him in late 80's with P-Funk on SNL


Absolutely loving the videos from the German website. Dennis' feel is (as always) sensational.
What German website?

Here is also another clip of him playing some serious pocket and over the top groove/chop stuff. I almost spat my coffee watching this. Wonder when the group will be on tour on the east coast. Playing some Graf/Graffiti tunes.

The sickness starts at 1:25.

I'm always amazed how "into" the drum he plays. I'm not sure how much rebound he uses when he plays, but his arms are so strong, and he plays so relaxed it doesn't even matter. He gets such a "tight-focused" sound out of the drums. I wonder where his fulcrum is...

Anybody tried his "quarter on a pillow" technique with the phonebooks?


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Was listening to that CD he did years ago just jamming with a bass player doing classic funk tracks the other night (Chameleon, Cissy Strut etc)

Loved listening to him drop back perfectly into the pocket after a fill, so tight.


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I've seen him in clinic and with Niacin, both times up pretty close. I find it hard to believe that he uses the grip that he does and still pulls off such subtlety and finesse but still with that much power.

I should put the live Niacin DVD in right now for dinner entertainment.

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I used to watch 'in the pocket' all the time, it had a massive influence on me.

I finally got hold of "Serious moves" late last year and I'd forgotten how incredibly fast he is with his hands. Watching him now I'm not sure who is actually faster. It's kinda true he hasn't changed his style a great deal over the years but what a great style.

It's weird that he doesn't get more of mention more often.


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Saw Dennis Chambers last night with Santana, the opening night of their Vegas run. It was a fun show. There were 2 other percussionists, one playing timbales, blocks, bells, and small cymbals with sticks, the other playing hand drums. The first of those two got most of the spotlight moments. Chambers never played a solo, and rarely was featured under the lights or on the video. That was a little disappointing for me, but really it's kind of cool that a guy of his stature will play like that. He played this huge yellow kit (don't know what brand) with a giant kettle-type drum with no bottom head (don't know what it's called) mounted above the floor toms. Anyways a fun show, highly recommended if you're heading to Vegas.


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I love Dennis Chambers. He can do it all! Incredible groove and insane licks as well! I like his protege Tony Royster Jr. as well.


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Saw him last night with Mike Stern. Either he's fully recovered or I want some of what he's got. Holy smokes, what a show!


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I like listening to Dennis Chambers' open drum solos. My favorite parts are the pedal ostinatos because I like the various polyrhythms he plays over them and I like saying "Tuh!" every two beats (the points at which he plays both kick drum pedals and the hi-hat pedal simultaneously).