Dennis Chambers


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Ah, Mr. Chambers, an excellent drummer.

Unfortunately, I find that he has reached his peak in terms of his brilliant technical ability.
Are you trying to sound extraordinarily intelligent , as if you have a gift of insight others don't have ? If so you're failing miserably.
Maybe Aydee has it right, you're a kid who likes to fan the flames. ( yes, I have read your comments in regard to Steve Gadd, Buddy Rich and now Dennis Chambers ) .
Either way you ought to knock it off. That isn't what this forum is for.


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Dr. Funky did it again.....

After bashing Steve Gadd, Ringo i expected he goes on Buddy Rich or John Bonham.

Ok, Dennis Chambers is also a good choice!!

What's next? Don't forget Vinnie!!!!



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And have you noticed he never responds after the initial bashing...ha! Weak!

If you make statements, at least be prepared to stand by them and explain yourself when a bunch of angry drummers come after you.


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I went to a Dennis Chambers drum clinic in Ottawa it was really amazing!! Also that was my first drum clinic lol!!!


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Dennis Chambers i incredible. Just saw him with Santana not too long ago. He had a ridiculous solo where he was essentially doing a winding-down roll exercise on the snare drum until he couldn't get any slower. Except he was playing one of the craziest foot ostinatos I've heard the whole time and eventually he just kept the foot ostinato going while he got some water and wiped his forehead with a towel. Then after a little while he just went wild and finished out the solo. Pretty wild.


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I've seen DC with John Scofield, CAB and with Niacin 4 or 5 times and he is an absolute monster. He can be superbly explosive or just work the pocket like nobody's business. Tremendous limb independence. Great technical chops and his rhythms are always killer. I just saw Billy Cobham and as much as I love Billy even he wasn't as explosive as DC. DC seems to have picked up where Billy left off and ran with it. Let's face it, just about anyone can be taught to play drums, but to get to DC's level is something a lot of drummers will never achieve. I've heard DC on many different sessions and he never fails to impress. The man is just out of this world, period!


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As a drummer myself I'm a huge fan of Dennis Chambers. Anyone know when he will be in or around the Chicago area? I'm sure not anytime before the end of this year, but how about for 2011 ?


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I am in large, a fan of Dennis Chambers, his fills are outstanding, his speed is second to none. However, although some of his in song beats are exemplary, very often I become bored of them and are somewhat generic; a beat further up the page, with Elvin Jones in the title is fantastic tho.


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nice catch! DC is the ultimate groovemachine!
but only the vids are in english, not the second page with the anecdotes... what a bummer!


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Hey Guys,

look what I've found...

this is a german musicians portal and they just made an INTERVIEW/VIDEO- WORKSHOP WITH DENNIS CHAMBERS where he is talking about his style and how he learned drumming...pretty cool!!! dont worry its in english :)
Good stuff...a true master of the kit!

That modulation stuff he does completly goes over my head. I need to find that metronome he was talkin bout.


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Dennis is just awesome. He plays so smooth and so right.

I don't get his grip though. He holds the tips of the butt end and is still smoother than probably anyone else out there. No use of the fulcrum whatsoever, IIRC.

I just wish he'd tour some more with Niacin. They blew me away last time I saw them, like a decade ago now. Bummer.


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My 3rd favorite drummer behind Peart and Elvin. I was watching him 2 nights ago on the Stern DVD from New Morning a few years ago. His solos on "Play" and "Tipatina's" are out of this world. Really shows his versatility also, some great brush playing on "Play" and "After You" in the bonus features and he really swings during Stern's solo on "Play". Still, the best solo I've heard of his yet would have to be the one on "Tony" from McLaughlin's "The Heart of Things Live" CD.