Dennis Chambers


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No drummer moves me like Dennis does. His GROOOOOOOOVES, chops, RIDICULOUS limb independence, dynamics, solos. The man has everything. Oh, to hell with it, I might as well just declare him my official favorite.


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Dennis Chambers is my everything...He is my man!..Also he is my hero!..I'm huge fan of him..I have 122 audio CDs which have Dennis on drums..(all of them)..I have his DCI instructional videos on VHS format and also DVD formats..And of course,a lot of other VHSs and DVDs which includes Dennis on drums..Like common ground,a salute to buddy rich,buddy rich memorial scholarship concert tape one,the bob berg/mike stern group,funky drummers,blood sweat beers tokyo live(niacin)(A LOT OF!).....He is my INFLUENCE and always INSPIRES me..I love his playing much,much,much more..I like him a lot (more,more,more!) as I can't tell ANYONE...I love his touching to the drumkit..He has unique sound,unbelievable sound,very delicious sound...I love his all the energy,all the plan,all the movement behind the drum setup..Incredible power,technique,timing,control,speed...Fast single stroke rolls,ostinato patterns with his feet,triplet things,cross stickings from the cymballs,killer grooves,unbelivable jazz&funk&fusion grooves,greatest chops and EXTRAORDINARY drum solos...He plays FATAL! & his sound is FATAL!..My opinion is there is no one in the earth that who can play like Dennis or who has a sound like him..He is ONLY ONE and UNIQUE!! I was the first person that who gets in the concert hall when he was with Mike Stern Band in here..I was the most near person to his drum set up in the gig.I went to gig place with all of my archive; all of my audio CDs and all of my videos..That's why I'm a huge fan of him..Thank you very much Dennis Chambers for greatest moments behind the drums...


Dr Drums said:
Chambers is IT. PERIOD.
you´ve said it!!!... he grooves in that way that i don´t really care about his solos or anything else.. i mean.. with his groove only he would be a kick ass drummer!!!


hey dogbreath, good luck for the tom tuning.... I've tried to get that sweet tone i don't know how many times and it is just impossible until you are miked...because effects can make all the difference ;)

Dennis is one of my idol ...he's just incredible... I saw him with mike stern 2 years ago and the show was just totally amazing... it is at that moment that i've decided to split my practice time in two equal parts ( half drum half guitar ).......... no regrets....n.e.way guitar help me for drum and drum for guitar


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Bad Drummer said:
My drum teacher said that hands down he is the best drummer alive today. Thoughts?

Although I'm not big on these kinds of statements, Dennis is the closest I'd come to making an exception.


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marco said:
hey dogbreath, good luck for the tom tuning.... I've tried to get that sweet tone i don't know how many times and it is just impossible until you are miked...because effects can make all the difference ;)
Oh, I know. It's just something to try for when I'm tuning.


DogBreath said:
Oh, I know. It's just something to try for when I'm tuning.
That sound would seem to be pretty easy to achieve with birch or oak. I'd do it with clear g1's on top and glass resos on bottom. The drums would be tight and even. I am not sure what he does on maple to get that sound.

His work with the Buddy Rich memorial concert and his DCI videos is just jaw dropping. He lays down blistering grooves, intricate double kick work fortified with lightning hand speed.

I think his new kit is supposed to be one of those granite finish reference kits, which I look forward to hearing/seeing him play.

Dennis Chambers. In my opinion the greatest drummer ever. I have seen many of his videos of solos, music, etc. His hands are the fastest i've ever seen. He's my idol. His grooves are awesome to hear. He's got very strong and lightning fast feet. He does one footed rolls on the bass drum with his left foot play on 1234 or not at all to keep time while he does it. He's had so much experience playing jazz, fusion, funk, rock, etc.
I have learned so much from him and hope to be wicked good like him and possible surpass him if possible.


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Dennis Chambers is pure genious...he's definitely one of the best drummers at the moment.


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Did anyone check out his video clips on his website? If not, do yourself a favor. His speed is unbelievable. In one part when he goes, "AAAHHHH!" after a funky grouping, I felt this pain.....


Pioneer Member is an email address provided in the CAB cd booklets, so I guess it's worth a shot.

On a side note, if any Dennis fans don't have the CAB cds, buy them.


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Damn...DC makes this makes everything look so carefree and easy. He's just so relaxed. What I'd give to be inside his head durring this tune. One of my favorite drumming clips ever.

I'm convinced to be this good, you have to be born with something a little extra. He has such command over time and feel. It's truely amazing. No matter what style you prefer this man will always be known as one of the absolute greats. So much to admire and learn from. chambers


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I only have one thing to say to Dennis...

Don't stop!

I've just seen the Mike Stern 2005/Paris videos posted today... Damn! Outstanding work.