Dennis Chambers used my drums tonight :D


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So the club screwed up on the backline rig and DC needed to use some drums. Guess mine were OK... LOL... WOW...Dennis Chambers played my kit all night tonight...



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Re: Dennie Chambers used my drums tonight :D

Of course, that's not even remotely cool ;) ;) ;) Can he count?

Duck Tape

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Re: Dennie Chambers used my drums tonight :D

I'm pretty sure he had a moustache when I saw him last year but I forget.

He does look trim.

Anyway, cool story Bill. Did he play a nice show?

Jeff Almeyda

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That is so cool, man.

Did he make any tuning or hardware changes/adjustments or anything significant or did he just hop on and let her rip?

The next question just begs to be asked: I bet he sounded just like Dennis right?


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Louie Bellson once used my drum rug. Sadly, I have no idea where the picture went, and the then the rug got lost at a gig one night.

So did he re-adjust all the gear, or did he play it as you had it set up?


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I admire guys like that.Buddy Rich was like that.He just played what was in front of him,no matter where the drums or cymbals were positioned.While it's just too cool for school,that a legend played your kit Bill,how did he like the drums?Your kit sounds great to me,but I'd be curious how he liked them.

You get to share the stage with him,AND he plays your kit......just how cool it that?Those drums now have a special mojo injection.:)

Steve B