demon drive issue


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so i just some small issues with my demon drive.
on the slave pedal it doesnt seem to be possible to bury the beater as with the main pedal. is this something with the setup would you think? or could it be a problem with the pedal.

the other issue is that the salve pedal is always sliding on my carpet, ive used the velcro pads but it still happens why they dont put spikes on their pedals like DW i dont know. any remedies to this problem though?


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Well there could be many reasons for your slave pedal not being as responsive. You may have the spring tightened too much. Try loosening the spring a bit. You also may have the beaters set too far back, try bringing it forward a bit. If it is not an equipment issue it could be that your left foot is not strong enough yet to the extent that your right foot is.

As for sliding issues a rug? Velcro strips on the bottom of your pedal or do what i do, put one leg of your hi-hat stand in front of the pedal and tha twill stop it from moving.


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hey thanks for the response. as for the slave pedal i have it set exactly as the main pedal and i havent altered any spring tentions as of yet. and ive tried it with my right foot also and it is still the same.

ith the slipping issue i have a rug and the velcro pads but its still slipping. i would not be able to put any stands or anything to hold it because if i do i cant seem to get a comfortable setup with them being drastically moved


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As for slipping, if its a small-ish rug you don't mind damaging, punch two small holes in it, on both sides of the pedal and zip-tie the pedal down.

Admittedly isn't a good solution if you gig alot though...