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Nice set! I had to go old school beater orphans for my Classic 6 ply set, but I am very happy with them. Don’t know why so many dislike the 6 ply no rerings…I like the 3 ply rering sets but these go louder and feel more responsive to dynamics to me. Makes me wonder if that’s just internet lore at this point.


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is there a memri-loc on the small tom arm or is it just set at the bottom of the L
not familiar with modern ludwig hardware looks


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is there a memri-loc on the small tom arm or is it just set at the bottom of the L
not familiar with modern ludwig hardware looks


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That looks sweet. If I was gonna buy a Ludwig kit, it would have bass drum mount like this. I don’t need or want another stand for a rack tom.


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I need to take some new pics, but these will do for now:



I'm sure other kits will continue to come and go, but these are the two that stay.
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And they tune up so easy and HOLD their tuning. Their sound is all tone. I also have a set of 70s 6-ply and a new Legacy Mahogany kit. Both are great kits and inspire me in different ways, but the CMs are my favorite. If I could have a set of them in every color, I would. LOL! Just a joy to play.



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Rick: Would you put the INDe tunable tom bracket on the luddies?
In the case of my personal drum set , I would say No as the mounts are fine . I have had a number of sets with the INDe Mounts and they are excellent and do exactly as advertised.


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Love that finish! I was very tempted to buy a set a few years back but eventually decided to go with a Pearl Reference Pure, which was closer to the sound I wanted.


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Some are coming with white interiors now...not sure if that is good or bad but it looks nice and nod to the past.

Ironically, I saw this set selling for $2500 on CL then WW snagged it to sell for $4000! If only I had a place for it.. Diablo red is nice...oh well

Nice price point for this kind of quality, thin maple shell



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Ludwig’s Classic Maple was Introduced around 1995 - the first 100% maple ply shell made by Ludwig . It was Ludwig’s flagship model until the introduction of the Legacy Maple and later the Legacy Mahogany . Now that the history lesson is done , we can get to the topic at hand for my thread .

I came into ownership of a Ludwig Classic Maple kit (used) and it was a complete impulse purchase . I had owned a couple Legacy Maple kits prior and found them not really to my personal liking , so it was with some trepidation that I made the purchase of the Classic Maple . Fortunately my concern was unfounded as these are just wonderful drums . The build quality is as good as my former N&C CD Maples . Super smooth bearing edges , fantastic finish work and they sound wonderful . These should be a consideration for anyone wanting a quality maple shell kit that is ideal for the Gigging drummer or home playing enthusiast. Best of all the pricing is not as obscene as some other all maple brands .View attachment 126316View attachment 126317
I totally agree, Rick. They are a “do everything” set of drums. I have owned a couple of Classic Maples and my nickname for them was “Old Reliable” because they just always worked in nearly every situation.