C. Dave Run

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Premier XPK. Since receiving it like 6 weeks ago, it has pretty much taken over. I got a Genista snare along with it, and havent really bothered to do much with it after heading and tuning it. My poor Pearl snare now sits in the corner (with its dented hoop) waiting its turn.


Ryan Culberson

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This came home with me today, so it might as well be my favorite. Guess I’m still punch drunk on the DW kool aid. Actually, I’m not to blame… it’s all JG’s fault. Unicorn tears are hard to resist, and faint, musical whispers of an almond paradise resonated in the deepest recesses of my soul. The melody was pure, and matched the note inscribed in the shell, thus debunking the debunkers bent on defiling the preciousness of “The Note”.



Neal Pert

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The 7 x 14 Noble and Cooley SS Maple is probably still #1 now-- it's been my main snare since I got it in 2017 and it never fails me. But I've been doing a bunch of recording and I'm finding this 4 x 14 Canopus "The Maple" to be an incredibly powerful, flexible instrument. Like, it's WAY better than its specs would indicate and I don't know how Canopus does it.

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I only have two, so picking my favorite is not hard. It is my Mapex Armory Sabre 14x5.5. Peace and goodwill



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My favorite of my 36 snares (this week) is my Tama Star hammered aluminum, primarily because I selected it for a festival gig this past weekend. Hadn’t played it for a while. It sounded, and felt so good. It’s 3mm thick with sound arc brass hoops. Just perfect with the modern country I played, or probably just as good with any other genre.


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I have 3 snares. 5x14 70s supra, 5x14 brass Ludwig rocker and 88 model Yamaha 6.5x14 Birch/Mahagony. Lately I've been enjoying the Yamaha the most. It's deeper, tuned lower, with Fat Cat wires so it sounds different than the metal 5" drums. Sorry no pictures.


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8-lug wood 5" USA 6p 60s Gretsch has a sound combination of vintage , today and tomorrow. A plus is that it's sound character matches the rest of the 6p USA 00's Gretsch set I use.
So it's more like a permanent puzzle piece that fits. I like the 5" pitch and ping more than a 4" or 6.5" on that drum.
As for a 6.5" snare my permanent favorite is the 1948 WFL 6 lug 3P w/rings no. 490. I own two. One is all original and another was tweaked by the Drum Doctors of L.A.
I own 1 5" RB 60s Gretsch brass snare and have owned four other brands metal snare drums but no need nor desire to use metal shell snare drums sound. So no problem there.
ps. I can and do also use a 6 lug duco black and gold lacquer 1961 5" Ludwig Pioneer 3p w/rings all original with brass hoops. It's a lighter sound than the Gretsch but is a fast and easy to move on drum.
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It's whatever is in rotation at the moment so it's the trusty old 402 which I've been using for most of the gigs I've done this year.

Got a UV2 on the batter at the mo and I'm liking it. Purely because the UV2s were cheaper than G2 coated new.