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My cheapest snare?

...all of them I've ever owned haha

The most expensive snare I ever bought was a pork pie 14" black steel snare or a pork pie 12" maple snare, both at somewhere around $200. The highest value snare I ever owned was probably a Tama 12" birch snare that came with a kit. Beautiful drum.

My only two snares I currently own are a Tama Metalworks 10" steel snare I recently got for a little over $100 and the 12" poplar snare that came with the club jam pancake kit I just got. Don't sleep on that 10" metalworks, thing is a monster of a drum despite it's size. It records like a dream and I just used it live at an unmiced gig and it cut like a hot knife through butter.

I don't really buy expensive drums. Lately I've been thinking about the fact that I've been playing twenty years gigging regularly in live original bands and now I am in my thirties with a good job and no kids. Maybe it's time I buy an expensive drum.

You and I are a lot alike. Expensive drums don't interest me.


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Ludwig Standard Aluminium (70s) - Found in skip.
Remo Mastertouch 14"x3" Piccolo - Also found in a skip, but had to replace all the lugs (£50)
New heads and snare wires, they're now gigged regularly.


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Yamaha Club Custom.

The simple answer is that it's different from the rest.


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6.5x14 Ludwig Acrolite with tube lugs and a keystone badge. I got it from DCP on a Black Friday deal. I think it was $350. One of my all time favorites. Absolutely love this drum.


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There are all sorts of threads on expensive snares , your favourite snare etc . So to shake things up a bit , let’s see your least expensive snare and describe what you like about it .

In my case the Tama SLP Spotted Gum snare is my least expensive snare . I was really taken with this snare when I had the opportunity to play it at my local shop. I had wanted a snare with an Australian indigenous wood shell for quite some time . I am a big fan of Brady and Everts drums but they are very pricey and rarely come up for sale at what I consider a reasonable price . The Tama did not sound like a mid price snare . I was so impressed with this snare . The grain is beautiful and I love the strainer and the drum has a wonderful range of tuning . It is surprisingly sensitive as well . I think these are underrated gems . View attachment 122952View attachment 122952View attachment 122953View attachment 122954
That entire SLP lineup may be the best bang for the buck in the industry. Terrific drums (fugly badges).


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My least expensive drum out of almost 40 snare drums is this Seven Six Drum Co. oak stave beauty. The builder was looking to clear room for future builds and let it go for $400-something bucks. Yeah, he lost money on the deal because there was nothing cheap about the components Just an amazing drum that I had the good fortune to get at a ridiculous price.


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My cheapest keeper is the 1970s Roger's script logo Dyna-Sonic bought a couple months ago for $15 but included several practice pads with it. One old Ludwig pad sold for about $30. Never played the snare though.
I paid 40 for the snare, 6 practice pads, a bass drum and some little items. But the tag on the snare and pads was $14.95.