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I’m in a hold steady/acquisition mode. I used to buy and sell a lot, and go through binge/purge phases. Now, I still look, but I don’t feel the need/want to snatch up deals just to resell them. I’m looking for things that might interest me, but I have all of the gear that I *need* at the moment.


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All shored up here

Snares: Gretsch and Ludwig
Drums: Gretsch and Gretsch and Gretsch
Cymbals: Bosphorus, Old Ks, Old As, 1 new K and a few others (oldPs, oldJs..)
Sticks: Firth Promuco others
heads: Remo
seat stands pedals: yama tama Lud dw
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Great question. I'm in a holding pattern now. I basically have everything I need. But once I get some extra money, I want to get a few more cymbals, just to swap out for different sounds when necessary, and a full set of mics/stands/cords.


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I have lately been considering reducing to the essential, or close to it. Been going through things with an eye to reduce.

The gear I have I do because it was something I wanted at a good price, and almost all those items have now all gone up in price, so I'm motivated to sell, but I know replacing anything would be more expensive than getting it was. This why I have the gear I have.

I did just sell a guitar neck though, so things are always changing. However, definitely no need to acquire anything beyond perishables. I'm good with what I have.

Ryan Culberson

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Both. Have been acquiring but at the same time purging more than the acquisitions. There’s a goal at the end of this insanity, but it’s a circuitous route to get there. Want to make sure I have the right pieces in place for my specific needs before everything else goes bye bye.

King Tiger

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Definitely in purge mode. Great hardware and kits, but just don't play them and I have way too much stuff. I won't ever have this much gear again.

Jeremy Crockett

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Just finished a season of purging. Three guitars, three basses, two guitar amplifiers, and a set of Rototoms gone.


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Light acquisition mode.

I have been doing a decent amount of home recording for some folks and find myself filling in some "holes" with gear that supports a sound I don't really have currently. For example, as mentioned in other threads I'm a wood snare guy at heart but I see the value in a versatile metal snare that will record well. I have never been really blown away by the Acro-Supra-Beauty-Phonics so I am waiting for a N&C Alloy Classic to be built for me.

So I would say the occasional snare, cymbal etc is "light acquisition mode".
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Holding now...

- Complete hardware update over covid lockdown
- New cymbal in 2021
- New snare in 2021
- New mixer stand in 2021
- New BD pedal 2022
- New iPad in 2022

I'm now just gigging and enjoying the upgrades!


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I'm in the looking mode and need to buy 2 Boom stands for cymbals and I just love looking at "rare snares" remember I'm new at this!



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I'm kinda in-between. Been dragging my feet selling my extra Acro, or selling them both for a Supra (not hesitant, just haven't bothered to do so yet), and I have my eyes open for deals on kits that would be an upgrade to my Mapex Pro-M gig kit, but it suffices so it's not a burning issue. Otherwise, I'm holdin' steady.

John Q. Drummer

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I’m trying to actively purge, “trying” being the operative word. For every two steps forward, I take a step back. Progress is being made but not as fast as I was planning. I keep on being lured by new stuff, specifically Paiste cymbals. And finally getting the matching snare for my Yamaha AHM kit. And I just remembered that my iPad is like 7 years old now…