Definition of a drummer . . .


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"A drummer is a person who packs $1,500 of gear into a car, drives 100 miles, just to make $50.00.

What's your definition? :eek:)


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Hopefully a drummer is a musician who chose the drumset.

But that's not my definition.

So what is a drummer? It's so broad. I don't know that any one sentence definition could even come close to getting someone who has no clue about what a drummer is to understand.

But I'll try anyway.

Drummer: A person who makes percussive sounds in a musical context by striking one object with another object, as part of the act of making music.


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Well it's being an actually working, playing drummer. Cause you can have a degree in science and be an educator and not a scientist-much as you could study drums and not actually play them. So being a "drummer" is an action of playing drums with someone. Now "percussionist" isn't just a fancy word for drummer cause that would include clave/sticks, congas, tympani,mallets, etc But a drummer can be a percussionist too. Well there is no qualification of how well you play drums so that adds another layer to the mix. Gosh this is getting complicated but I'm sure there is a solution to the problem. Well we know what a drum is so parsimony dictates that "a drummer" is someone who plays the drums. No that doesn't make sense cause then anyone who plays the drums, even if but one time, would be a drummer and that isn't true-so much for parsimony. Well I have no clue what a drummer is-so there lies the rub.

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I've often thought about this. I often think of myself as a drum set player. But what does an actual drummer do? Maybe there are different drummer levels like in martial arts. I might be like a brown belt because I don't have mastery over my rudiments, but I can play good enough to be in a classic rock band.


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I heard that joke as $5000 drumkit into a $500 car spending $50 in fuel to get to a gig that doesn't pay a cent... or something along those lines!


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I heard that joke as $5000 drumkit into a $500 car spending $50 in fuel to get to a gig that doesn't pay a cent... or something along those lines!
I guess that was closer to what I originally heard also. I don't know what I was thinking with my Caddy (or Rolls, or Bentley, or whatever). Like BFY says, "are we thousandaires?"

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Are we talking Sequencing or Real Time Drummers? Seems to be a Theme At The Moment.. Basically a Musicians Laborer i would say..

Anon La Ply

If you are the last one still packing up while the rest of the band is drinking and socialising, chances are you're a drummer.


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Drummer- definition oxford dictionary

1 A person who plays a drum or drums.

2 A travelling sales representative

3 A deep-bodied marine fish with dark longitudinal stripes,
found in shallow coastal waters of Australia.

4 A thief or burglar.


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IMO This forum should be called stick world, because most people on the forum or mostly interested in things they can hit with sticks(the pointy kind), some of which aren't even drums, and drums that can't be hit with sticks aren't discussed here.